El Maset del Vilosell


El Maset is located in the municipality of El Vilosell, one of the most charming and delightful villages in Les Garrigues, which contains all the district’s charms within the town limits.


Many believe that El Vilosell is the prettiest town in the district of Les Garrigues. You need only take a stroll along its cobblestoned streets to see this for yourself: walking through El Vilosell is to take a journey back through centuries of history, breathing deeply of the fresh breezes from the Llena mountain range. Throughout the municipality, visitors can lose themselves in charmingly silent havens and discover age-old buildings with great artistic and heritage charm with every step. And if you look closely, some of the façades contain stones from the ancient El Vilosell Castle, as many homes were built using the ashlars from this fort and some houses even have doors from the former castle.

Sites that merit visiting include:

  • The Baroque church of Santa Maria, with a single nave that houses the chapel of the blessed sacrament and the baptistery, which was raised over the former 13th and 14th century Romanic church.
  • The cobblestoned streets: one of the loveliest features of the town, making you feel like you have journeyed back centuries in time.
  • The hermitage of Sant Sebastià reflects a renaissance style, with a 14th century Gothic cross rising up majestically before it.
  • The 18th-century Baroque hermitage of Sant Miquel de la Tosca in Les Fontetes, some 4 km from El Vilosell. The stunning setting of this hermitage, surrounded by vegetation in the midst of more arid terrain, makes visiting the sanctuary a treat for all the senses.

El Vilosell is found in a unique landscape that is spectacularly beautiful, nestled at the feet of the Llena mountain range (Prades) and surrounded by olive groves, with boundary walls crafted from local stone typical of Les Garrigues.

Visitors will be surprised by the stone cabañas, their aesthetic charm and their solid dry-stone constructions, so integrated into the environment they seem to have been created by nature itself.

Here you will discover new lands, the unique and enigmatic sceneries of Les Garrigues, where olive oil is converted into art and culture.

Stone margins

Olive culture

Stone Cabins